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Nilecon Thailand a Leader in 2018 for Mobile Application Development Platforms
We have over 7 years’ experience of working, we have been building mobile applications since 2011 for all platforms including websites and digital marketing. .

Nilecon (Thailand) Company Limited, registered in September 2013, provides all types of software development services, both online and offline for public and private organizations, both in small businesses and large businesses. We have employees with the ability and experience in all kinds of computer programming. The company also offers a software rental service, both packaged software and system software that adapts the operation system to suit the business of the organization in order to serve customers perfectly.

Empowered by Innovation and Excellence.

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is a software company whose mission is to simplify the development, management and deployment of business applications on premises, in any Cloud, on any platform and on any mobile device.

Nilecon (Thailand) Company Limited realizes the ever-increasing demand of the software market, therefore, there are various service models such as Web Solution, Mobile Solution, Design Solution, general management program in small businesses to large businesses including SEO, SMO and several package systems which are flexible platforms, responding to the needs of service users more from the original which was a specialized service to the comprehensive management and tools to support a wider variety of services.


NILECON work differently to most Mobile Application and Website development companies. We pride ourselves on producing amazing work for our clients and ensuring that every app experience is a unique one.

We provide customers with Mobile Commerce and let them simply shop anything and anywhere. Online shop on mobile which helps you reach your customers and manage your business easily starting form payment method to shipping handling

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